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It's about time that women of all ages, stages, sizes and shapes have the opportunity to feel great about themselves in their swimwear.

Bathing Boomers Co-Founders

About Bathing Boomers

Bathing Boomers is a Canadian swimwear company made by older women, for older women.

The dynamic founders, 67-year-old Velvet Haney, and 74-year-old Rachel Manley originally crafted the line, not for the public, but for themselves, to embrace the summer sun in its entirety.

Bathing Boomers offers flattering, full-coverage, sun-protective swimwear that empowers mature women to embrace the warm weather unapologetically and without apprehension or self-consciousness. 

Bathing Boomers co-founders Rachel and Velvet initially crafted their line of swimwear not for the public but for themselves. It all began in 2019 when they were lamenting the summer ahead - they dreaded putting on a swimsuit and could never relax or be themselves in the traditional one- or two-piece swimwear currently available on the market. That's when the kernel of an idea started to germinate.

Velvet and Rachel jumped to fill the market gap for comfortable, functional bathing suits. Something was very empowering about it.

Since launching, Bathing Boomers have transformed into a movement and a community of grateful women embracing the freedom of a life well-lived, reignited through functional, flattering, and fun swimwear. Customers have come forward stating that they haven't worn a swimsuit in 20+ years, and this was finally something they could feel comfortable in.

The Great Summer Cover-Up - Everything Zoomer
Velvet Haney and Rachel Manley, Bathing Boomers

Our swimwear is made with a stretchy lightweight material that is fade-resistant, comfortable, and provides ample protection from the sun.

Each suit is designed with removable bra cups for added convenience and accessibility for women who have experienced breast cancer.

Pair our swimwear with classy swim leggings that are a high-waisted, lightweight, and flattering addition to complete the look.

Bathing Boomers on the Beach
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Lightweight & Comfortable

Our swimwear is very comfortable and perfect for tropical vacations, swimming in the pool, outdoor activities, and cottage life. Our co-founder infamously swam across Lake Como in her suit, got out of the water and sat down for lunch at the elegant Villa D'Este!

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Removable Bra Cups

Removable padded bra cups offer great support and are appropriate for women who have experienced single-, double-, or partial mastectomy. 

A side zipper is available for ease taking the suit on and off when wet.

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Fade Resistant

Colour will withstand chlorine and sun without fading.

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