Swimwear made for older women, by older women.

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One day you’ll wake up and realize that your toned athletic body you sported for decades just isn’t there. What I love about the Bathing Boomers is that you can confidently go swimming or hang out on the dock or at the pool without all your flabby arms or tummy being on display. I am also pleasantly surprised as to how comfortable the suit is! Thank you for creating a suit that helps us accept ourselves and still feel comfortable.

Brenda Pritchard, Customer

"My bathing suit arrived yesterday and I love it!! It fits well and looks great.

This morning I had it on for my swim and it was very comfortable in the water. It does take a little maneuvering to get out of the top when it is wet.

I always thought something like this was needed and I am thankful you made this idea a reality.

Looking forward to seeing your future creations."

NB: Barbara did not realize that there is a side zipper built into the underdress to help with getting the swimsuit off when it's wet!


“First, let me say .... brilliant! Your design will solve my two most pressing swimsuit issues - covering my upper arms, and being able to wear a bra under a swimsuit. I've been looking for a couple of years, and while you can find swimsuits with sleeves, they are much like scuba gear, and very clearly for the younger and more svelte crowd. And if one more person scoffs and asks why I'd want to wear a bra under my swimsuit (and not a bikini top, but an actual bra) I'm going to really wonder about the state of our schools. Doesn't anyone remember their lessons on gravity? Or as my aunt told me, what was up will come down!

Finally we have something just for us maturing women who don't want it all out there.


We happily accept returns in original condition (unused, leggings worn with protective undergarment, and unaltered) for a full refund. 

To return your item, please email info@bathingboomers.com to let us know and mail to the below address. Once we receive the suit, the entire amount will be released back to your card. Thank you!

Bathing Boomers
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